Yuval Levin

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  • CH. 1 : National Affairs

    Levin edits the influential quarterly journal of public policy and ideas founded in 2009. How did it get started, and what are its goals?

    00:15 - 13:45

  • CH. 2 : Working in the White House

    Levin was a special assistant to President George W. Bush for domestic policy. How did he get the job and what were his responsibilities?

    13:45 - 29:41

  • CH. 3 : Battling Bureaucracy

    According to Levin, Republican administrations are constantly at war with the bureaucracies in Washington. Kristol and Levin discuss.

    29:41 - 45:28

  • CH. 4 : Burke and Modern Conservatism

    What can an eighteenth-century British statesman and political thinker teach us about conservatism, and how relevant are his ideas today?

    45:28 - 1:04:26

  • CH. 5 : Political Philosophy and Politics

    Do ideas shape public policy? Kristol and Levin consider the question based on experiences in the academy and in Washington.

    1:04:26 - 1:18:02