Irwin Stelzer

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  • CH. 1 : A More Political Economics

    Irwin Stelzer explains why we need a more political approach to economics—one that is more aware of the limitations of economic theory.

    00:15 - 32:30

  • CH. 2 : The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008

    Kristol and Stelzer reflect on the financial crisis, its lingering effects on the American economy, and the state of markets and institutions.

    32:30 - 40:04

  • CH. 3 : The Problem of Inequality

    How should we think about inequalities? What dangers might they pose to American democratic capitalism? Stelzer shares his perspective.

    40:04 - 59:22

  • CH. 4 : In Defense of Democratic Capitalism

    Stelzer offers a spirited defense of democratic capitalism, and warns that reforms are necessary to preserve and strengthen economic freedom.

    59:22 - 1:19:28