Greg Weiner

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  • CH. 1 : Moynihan and the Great Society

    What was Senator Moynihan’s approach to the social and economic problems of the second half of the twentieth century? Greg Weiner shares his perspective.

    00:15 - 30:54

  • CH. 2 : America and the World

    As Ambassador to the UN, in India, and in the Senate, Moynihan played a major role in US foreign policy. Kristol and Weiner consider Moynihan’s contributions.

    30:54 - 1:00:50

  • CH. 3 : Recovering Burkean Liberalism?

    What is the relationship between the political thought of Edmund Burke and Daniel Patrick Moynihan? How might the study of Burke help us today? Weiner discusses.

    1:00:50 - 1:22:58