Charles Murray III

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  • CH. 1 : Right Questions, Wrong Answers

    Murray looks back at the seminal works Losing Ground and The Bell Curve and explains how his views have changed since they were published.

    00:15 - 27:11

  • CH. 2 : In Pursuit & the Apollo program

    Murray reflects on two of his books which explore, in different ways, the pursuit of meaning and success in America.

    27:11 - 46:36

  • CH. 3 : Coming Apart

    Kristol and Murray discuss Murray’s influential 2012 book Coming Apart and what we can learn from it about our current politics.

    47:36 - 1:03:00

  • CH. 4 : Human Differences

    How are new discoveries in the natural sciences likely to affect the social sciences in the years ahead? Murray shares his perspective.

    1:03:00 - 1:14:03