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In-depth, thought provoking discussions with leading thinkers and figures in American public life, hosted by Bill Kristol.

  • Hayward on Churchill

    Steven F. Hayward II: On Winston Churchill's politics, writings, and what we can learn from Churchill about statesmanship.
    Date Added: July 28, 2018

  • Ronald Brownstein II: On the increasing partisan divide between Red and Blue America, and its implications for the elections in 2018 and 2020.
    Date Added: July 14, 2018

  • Schaub on Douglass

    Diana Schaub: A discussion of the life and ideas of the abolitionist and political thinker Frederick Douglass.
    Date Added: July 2, 2018

  • Caldwell on Europe for Conversations with Bill Kristol

    Christopher Caldwell II: The Weekly Standard Senior Editor on populism in Europe and the future of the European Union.
    Date Added: June 15, 2018

  • Edward Conard on the Economy

    Edward Conard: The businessman and bestselling author on innovation, income inequality, and the need for high-skilled immigration.
    Date Added: June 2, 2018

  • Begala on the Democrats, Trump, 2018, and 2020

    Paul Begala II: The veteran strategist on the prospects for the Democrats in the midterms and in 2020.
    Date Added: May 19, 2018

  • Garry Kasparov V: On the threat posed by dictators to America and other Western countries, and the need for the West to defend itself and its principles.
    Date Added: May 5, 2018

  • Bill Kristol interviews Jonah Goldberg

    Jonah Goldberg IV: The National Review senior editor on nationalism, populism, and identity politics in America.
    Date Added: April 21, 2018

  • Berkowitz on liberal democracy

    Peter Berkowitz II: The Hoover Institution senior fellow on critiques of liberal democracy and why it deserves to be defended.
    Date Added: April 7, 2018

  • James Warren on journalism

    James Warren: The veteran reporter and editor shares his perspective on today's media landscape and the problem of fake news.
    Date Added: March 26, 2018

  • Eberstadt on North Korea

    Nicholas Eberstadt: The distinguished American Enterprise Institute scholar on the distinctive character of the North Korean regime and the threats it poses.
    Date Added: March 9, 2018

  • Charles Murray interviewed by Bill Kristol

    Charles Murray III: One of America's preeminent thinkers reflects on the major themes of his work.
    Date Added: February 26, 2018