Conversations with Bill Kristol is an online forum featuring in-depth, thought-provoking discussions with leading figures in public life, hosted by the Weekly Standard editor-at-large and produced by the Foundation for Constitutional Government. New conversations will be released every second Monday. Drawing on his extensive experience in the academy and in Washington, Bill Kristol invites his guests to reflect on important themes. By offering a forum for serious, high-level discussion, Conversations hopes to stimulate thought on issues of deep importance to the American experiment in free government.

Media Contact:
Andy Zwick
Executive Director, Foundation for Constitutional Government


May 8, 2017: Senator Ben Sasse on American Politics and Culture
October 23, 2016: Clarence Thomas: Twenty-Five Years on the Court 
February 29, 2016: Garry Kasparov on Chess and Politics in the U.S.S.R.
February 15, 2016: General David Petraeus on his Command in Iraq
November 23, 2015: Larry Summers on Conversations with Bill Kristol
September 28, 2105: Newt Gingrich on America and the State of the World
July 20, 2015: Samuel Alito in conversation with Bill Kristol 
April 13, 2015: Charles Krauthammer Reflects on his Career in Ideas
February 16, 2015: Bill Bennett on Education and the War on Drugs
January 5, 2015: Newt Gingrich on the 1994 Republican Revolution
November 14, 2014: Brit Hume tells the Story of Fox News
October 13, 2014: Dick Cheney sits down with Bill Kristol
September 15, 2014: Peter Thiel Appears on Conversations with Bill Kristol

Conversations At-a-Glance

Conversations with Bill Kristol features high-level discussions with leading figures in many fields of public life. Below find synopses of some our conversations and guests.

Elliott Abrams
Fred Barnes
Gary Bauer
Paul Begala
Jeff Bell
Bill Bennett
Peter Berkowitz
Mark Blitz
Paul Cantor
James Ceaser
Dick Cheney
Mitch Daniels
Christopher DeMuth
David Gelernter
Robert P. George
Newt Gingrich
Jonah Goldberg
Steven F. Hayward
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Brit Hume
Donald Kagan
Frederick W. Kagan
Garry Kasparov
Leon and Amy Kass
Jack Keane
Charles Krauthammer
Yuval Levin
Joe Lieberman
Harvey Mansfield
Jim Manzi
Charles Murray
Robert D. Putnam
Stephen Rosen
Christina Hoff Sommers
Larry Summers
Peter Thiel
Ruth Wisse