Conversation with Ruth Wisse

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  • CH. 1: What is anti-Semitism?

    Ruth Wisse describes the origins and character of modern anti-Semitism–and its alarming strength today.

    00:15 - 34:28

  • CH. 2: The Politics of anti-Semitism

    Kristol and Wisse consider why anti-Semitism is best understood as a political phenomenon and movement.

    34:28 - 45:50

  • CH. 3: Israel on Campus

    Why is the Jewish state under attack on U.S. campuses, and how should one fight back? Wisse explains.

    45:50 - 56:04

  • CH. 4: The University in Decline

    Wisse: “Liberal democracy is not biologically transmitted. I don’t think [our universities] understand that.”

    56:04 - 1:12:43

  • CH. 5: On Yiddish Literature

    Wisse explains why we should study Yiddish literature and discusses a few of its valuable, enduring themes.

    1:12:43 - 1:47:53