Conversation with Peter Thiel

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  • CH. 1: The Story of PayPal

    Thiel co-founded the popular e-payment system. How did he do it?

    00:15 - 18:11

  • CH. 2: Against Conventional Wisdom

    Kristol and Thiel discuss why it’s worth challenging “what everyone knows,” in business and politics.

    18:11 - 36:30

  • CH. 3: Facebook

    Thiel was theĀ first outside investor in the social networking site; here he explains why it was an easy decision.

    36:30 - 43:07

  • CH. 4: An Innovation Slowdown?

    Are we in theĀ midst of a global decline in the speed of technological progress? Thiel and Kristol discuss.

    43:07 - 1:04:28

  • CH. 5: The Need for Growth

    According to Thiel, economic progress remains vital to the health of American democracy. Why?

    1:04:28 - 1:13:57

  • CH. 6: The Higher Education Bubble

    Is American higher education heading towards a major fiscal crisis? Thiel explains he thinks it is.

    1:13:57 - 1:36:39