Conversation with Leon Kass

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  • CH. 1: A Turn to Bioethics

    Leon Kass explains his path from the study of medicine to the study of the moral implications of science.

    00:15 - 24:11

  • CH. 2: Toward a more natural science

    Does modern natural science provide a fully adequate account of nature and man’s place in it? Kass considers.

    24:11 - 42:07

  • CH. 3: The Beginning of Wisdom

    Leon Kass discusses his work on the Hebrew Bible as a source of wisdom on how we ought to live.

    42:07 - 1:11:12

  • CH. 4: Athens and Jerusalem

    Kristol and Kass consider key similarities and differences between the Greek and Biblical accounts of life.

    1:11:12 - 1:40:38