Conversation with Jack Keane

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  • CH. 1: The Surge in Iraq

    Keane proposed the 2007 strategy that turned the war around. Kristol and Keane discuss how the plan worked.

    00:15 - 14:43

  • CH. 2: President Bush and his Generals

    Why was it difficult for the Bush Administration to change strategies in the Iraq War? Kristol and Keane discuss.

    14:43 - 28:18

  • CH. 3: A Military Life

    Having been in ROTC in college, Keane rose to become vice chief of staff of the Army. A discussion of Keane’s remarkable career.

    28:18 - 55:27

  • CH. 4: 9/11 at the Pentagon

    Keane was inside the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Here he recalls the attack and its aftermath.

    55:27 - 1:09:13

  • CH. 5: A Continuing Threat

    According to Keane, the world today is as dangerous as ever. Why?

    1:09:13 - 1:30:37