Conversation with Harvey Mansfield II

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  • CH. 1: Conservatism and America

    Why is it difficult to be a conservative in America, and what should conservatives stand for? Mansfield explains.

    00:15 - 24:58

  • CH. 2: The Federalist

    Kristol and Mansfield discuss the theory of representative government in the great work of American political science.

    24:58 - 48:58

  • CH. 3: Two Meanings of "Constitution"

    When the ancient Greeks spoke of constitutions, they meant “way of life.” Why is this relevant?

    48:59 - 1:01:29

  • CH. 4: What’s Wrong with Feminism

    According to Mansfield, the “women’s liberation” movement has, on the whole, been bad for both women and men. Why?

    1:01:29 - 1:33:20