Conversation with Brit Hume

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  • CH. 1: Fox News as a Start-Up

    Hume recalls how he came to work at Fox News in the late nineties and its rapid ascent in the ratings.

    00:15 - 20:19

  • CH. 2: Inside "Special Report"

    Brit Hume explains how newscasters prepare to broadcast and what goes on behind the scenes.

    20:19 - 27:52

  • CH. 3: Newspaperman Beginnings

    Hume’s early days in print media in Connecticut and Washington and the big stories of the day.

    27:52 - 38:36

  • CH. 4: Reporting from Washington

    Kristol and Hume discuss Hume’s┬átime as a White House and Capitol Hill correspondent for ABC News.

    38:36 - 59:04

  • CH. 5: Our Media Today

    How has the proliferation of news sources impacted American politics? Kristol and Hume consider.

    59:04 - 1:19:52