Conversation with Andrew Ferguson

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  • CH. 1: A Career in Writing

    Andrew Ferguson reflects on his career in journalism and being a speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush.

    00:15 - 28:22

  • CH. 2: Revenge of the Baby Boomers

    How have standards in our cultural life changed from the early 1990s to the present? Kristol and Ferguson discuss.

    28:22 - 44:58

  • CH. 3: Conservatism and Journalism

    Ferguson recounts how he came to conservatism and his early work at the American Spectator.

    44:58 - 53:31

  • CH. 4: "Crazy U"

    Bill Kristol and Andy Ferguson discuss the state of higher education and universities today.

    53:31 - 1:18:51